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R & D platform Expert team
R & D platform
Innovation comes from every technological breakthrough
        Fengyuan provincial R & D center covers a building area of 4500 square meters, which consists of four R & D functional areas, namely, lithium iron phosphate, high nickel ternary materials, electronic grade oxalic acid and expert office, and 53 R & D rooms for test and detection. The center is equipped with R & D equipment with sufficient quantity, complete functions and advanced performance, mainly including high-frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, Karl Fischer water drying furnace, ceramic roller crusher, physical and chemical detection, chemical analysis, electrical performance detection equipment, etc., and four pilot lines for R & D, including lithium iron phosphate, high nickel ternary, full battery and electronic new materials. Fengyuan R & D center has gathered a group of core R & D teams of new energy and new materials led by well-known experts at home and abroad. At the same time, a group of more than 80 professional R & D teams, led by graduate students and undergraduates, have been set up to provide strong technical support for the development of new energy and new materials. The center has established a long-term technical strategic cooperation relationship with national lithium battery product quality supervision and monitoring center, Tsinghua University Engineering Joint State Key Laboratory, China Electronics Technology Group 43 Institute, Qingdao University of science and Technology School of chemical engineering and other scientific research institutes, comprehensively improving the technical innovation level of the R & D Center with the help of external intelligence. In recent years, the center has made full use of the advantages of the R & D team around the leading industrial products, carried out in-depth R & D and innovation, and obtained more than 60 authorized technical patents and scientific research achievements. The center is recognized as Shandong enterprise technology center and Shandong oxalic acid engineering technology research and development center, and the company is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.